EREDE (2017)

The etymology of the word erede (heir) has a double and ambiguous root: on one hand it refers to the idea of ​​possessing, of taking; on another to the void, the privation, the desert. Likewise, the son, as heir, can move between two antithetical poles: one who flattens on a footprint and follows it, a subject determined by what was before him, or an individual with an autonomous desire, which collects the legacy of the Other through subjectivation. The work, starting from facts and places related to my story, investigates the relationship with the father, the circular and ever-changing movement of inheriting, towards which every son goes.

Two channels video-installation, Full HD video, 3'38", sound, loop


Installation view (Full HD projection), The Summer Show 2017, Fondazione Fotografia Modena