The video depicts some fragments of the training of two powerlifting athletes. The work’s title comes from the introduction of a Byung Chul-Han essay on the “Burnout Society”; here, the author compares the contemporary individual to a chained Prometheus, who has an eagle eating his liver, that keeps growing back.
The contemporary neoliberal subject is both Prometheus and the eagle at the same time, someone who is self-exploiting himself in the effort to perform better, without limits. I used the powerlifters as a metaphor of this kind of individual, being people that seek to control their own bodies, to optimize them and make them perform better.

The work has been exhibited as part of an ongoing performance for the Six Academies prize at Unseen 2018 in Amsterdam. Stills taken from the film have been printed and hung on an amphitheater, just outside the main venue of the fair.

Two channels video-installation, Full HD video, 4'00", sound, loop